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Iraq, Afghanistan & Gulf War Era Uniforms
and Equipment Rentals

Iraq / Afghanistan War US Military Uniform Rentals

United States

A full array of uniforms ranging from the 1st Gulf War's Chocolate Chip to the modern Multicam.

Iraq / Afghanistan War Insurgent, Taliban Uniform Rentals

Insurgent / Taliban

The typical "uniform" in these cases is a mix of civilian and miscellaneous military clothing/equipment.

Iraq / Afghanistan / Pakistan Military/Police Uniform Rentals

Regional Military / Police

Expanding at a rapid pace, the Mid-East regional military and police force uniforms are constantly evolving.

Iraq / Afghanistan War Civilian Clothing Rentals


Burqas, Hijabs, Turbans, Karakuls, Kurtas, Pakols, Pashtun dress and more.

Iraq / Afghanistan War US Contractor Uniform Rentals


Bullet proof vests, nondescript camo, sunglasses and baseball hats are typical of the civilian contractors working in the region.

Coalition Forces Military Uniform Rentals

Coalition Forces

A collection of military uniforms from the European countries that helped stabilize the region.

Vietnam War Era Uniforms and Equipment Rentals

Vietnam Era US Military Uniform Rentals

United States

Spans the Green Tropical Combat Uniform to the Tigerstripe camouflage.

Vietnam Era Viet Cong/NVA Uniform Rentals

Viet Cong/NVA

Vietcong “black pajamas” and the North Vietnamese Army standard military uniform.

World War II Era Uniforms and Equipment Rentals

WWII Era US Military Uniform Rentals

United States

Limited amounts of stock available. More coming soon.

WWII Era German/Nazi Military Uniform Rentals


Coming Soon. Please contact us for more info.

Miscellaneous Military & Tactical Uniform
and Equipment Rentals

SWAT Uniform Rentals

S.W.A.T. / Law Enforcement

Standard police uniforms, body armor and tactical gear.

United Nations Uniform Rentals

United Nations (UN)

UN forces can always be recognized by their blue body armor and helmets.

US 1980s Military Uniform Rentals

United States (1980s)

Standard U.S. military woodland BDUs.

Russian 1980s Military Uniform Rentals

Russian (1980s)

KLMK Overalls and the Spetsnaz KZM uniform.

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